Kauttua Eura Finland

Kauttua Ironworks

Kauttua Ironworks is built around an iron and paper industry dating back more than 330 years. In addition to the ironworks area itself, visitors can explore the local architecture, exhibitions, cafés, and restaurants. Come and experience the historic atmosphere for yourself!

In summer, the area hosts a wide range of exhibitions and the Tallinmäki square is a busy event venue.

The area is known for its many layers of architecture, from the red ochre of the ironworks to the modernism of Alvar Aalto. The most famous Aalto site is the Terassitalo building built in 1938, which you can explore via an exhibition space. Other buildings designed by Aalto in the ironworks village include a sauna and laundry building and the Villa Aalto accommodation. The Ironworks have been designated as a built cultural heritage site of national significance by the Finnish Heritage Agency. Learn more about the history of the Ironworks here.

Scan Magazine article: The Kauttua Ironworks: A deep-dive into Alvar Aalto’s architecture

See all of the Ironworks’ entrepreneurs and services


Map of the Ironworks’ services and entrepreneurs

The Ironworks’ entrepreneurs and services

Southern Satakunta Travel Guides

Dive into the fascinating history of the Ironworks through captivating stories and awe-inspiring facts, see the most interesting places and get the latest tips with a local guide. Our guides will help you to get the most out of your visit to the Ironworks. Travel Guides are authorised by the Federation of Finnish Tourist Guide Associations. We provide guides for groups to order. Guided tours can be customised to your wishes. Our most popular guided tours are tours of Terassitalo and walking tours of the Ironworks. In summer, we organise guided tours that are open for anyone to join.

Opening hours:

Groups to order, the times of open guided tours will be announced separately

+358 50 377 5245



Alvar Aalto’s Terassitalo

The interior of Terassitalo is used as a space for changing exhibitions. Terassitalo is one of Aalto’s most significant works. Aalto was commissioned to design zoning and complementary construction in the Kauttua Ironworks area. The first building in the area to be completed was the “stairless block of flats” known as Terassitalo in 1938. Southern Satakunta Travel Guides (Alasatakunnan oppaat ry) organise tours of the exhibition space and other sites in the Ironworks area. Tel. +358 (0)50 377 5245 / Kaisa Repo.

Opening hours:

Check the current opening hours from Terassitalo's website

Alvar Aallontie 4, asunto 3, Kauttua

+358 44 422 4828



Atelje Annerre Juusela

Welcome to get to know my art over the years. Paintings, sculptures and interior design.

Annette Juusela

Opening hours:

By agreement

Sepäntie 2 F 27500 Kauttua

+358 44 335 5785


Pehtoori Flea Market

Pehtoori Flea Market is located in the idyllic milieu of Kauttua. Come and find treasures and everyday goods!

Opening hours:

Mon closed, Tues-Fri 10.00am-6.00pm, Sat 10.00am-3.00pm, Sun 11.00am-3.00pm

Tehtaantie 35, 27500 Kauttua

+358 40 7718555



Kauttua Jokisauna

The sauna by the river is an unforgettable experience for architecture and design enthusiasts. Enjoy lunch and the delicious local treats from the café, relax in the steam of the sauna, shop in the Design store in the old laundry building, and stay overnight. Throw a memorable family celebration or hold an inspiring meeting in a cosy and inviting atmosphere set against the backdrop of Aalto’s architecture and the idyllic scenery. The Jokisauna river sauna designed by Aino and Alvar Aalto is Finland’s only sauna and laundry building designed by Aalto that is available for public use.

Opening hours:

Check our Facebook page

Sepäntie 1 27500 Kauttua

+358 40 715 3505



Kauttua Ironworks Stone Barn

Concert and party space in Kauttua Eura. Hundreds of seats. Idyllic and atmospheric space for many uses.

Opening hours:

Subject to agreement.

Tehtaantie 35, 27500 Kauttua

+358 50 594 6110


Kauttuan Ruukin Kivinavetta

Hotel Kauttua Manor

Built in 1802, Kauttua Manor is a high-quality hotel and restaurant. Spend unforgettable moments with us on your business or leisure trip and stay overnight in historic surroundings while enjoying all modern comforts. Our 18 hotel rooms can accommodate around 30 guests. We also operate as a venue for celebrations and meetings all year round, with our large hall and beautiful cabinet rooms providing a fantastic setting for private functions and events.

All of our services:

  • Hotel and restaurant
  • Catering restaurant, celebration venue
  • Meeting and training facilities
  • Sauna by the lake, tennis courts

Opening hours:

Check our website for current opening hours

Sepäntie 3, 27500 Kauttua

+358 10 340 7700



Punainen talli

An interior design shop selling local delicacies in Café Ruukin Sydän. The shop sells product ranges designed by the entrepreneur themselves, such as home textiles, serving trays, chopping boards, mugs, and soaps. The products highlight the local crafts, cuisine, and dialect. You can also have your own photograph put on a tray or chopping board. The shop also sells jewellery, textiles, gifts, and paper products designed by a range of designers, mostly from Finland.

The delicacies area stocks a wide range of teas, coffee from a micro-roastery and a range of hand-crafted sweets and other treats.

Opening hours:

Open at the same time as Café Ruukin Sydän, plus by agreement.

Sepäntie 4, 27500 Kauttua

+358 40 5165319



Pyhäjärvi Theatre

A small but ambitious local amateur theatre that offers theatre experiences and hobbies for people of all ages. The summer theatre is in the immediate vicinity of the Ironworks. A covered and numbered auditorium with backrests. Teatteritalo Pläkki in Eura also offers a venue for various events outside of the summer theatre season.

In the summer of 2023, Mummonmökki will be seen on the stage of Pyhäjärvi Theater; a musical comedy about an almost ordinary summer day in a Finnish village. Directed by Juha Svahn, screenplay by Reijo Honkonen

Opening hours:

Performances in summer 2023 from 27 June to 12 July. Open by agreement outside of opening hours.

Vohlastentie 1, 27500 Kauttua

+358 50 372 4098



Rantalan Sauna

Rantalan Sauna, previously a sauna for officials, is located at the Ironworks on the banks of the Eura river. The sauna was designed by architect Kristian Gullichsen, who was greatly influenced by Alvar Aalto, for whom Gullichsen worked as an apprentice at the start of his career. The sauna features the same kind of stepped structure as used in the Terassitalo building designed by Aalto.

The facilities are available to lease. There are 2 saunas, and each can accommodate around 10 people. The well-stocked kitchen has tableware for 20 people. You may bring your own food and drink.

Opening hours:

Subject to agreement

Tammensillantie 2 27500 Kauttua

+358 50 557 3982



Ruukin Lintu

Ruukin Lintu is an arts and crafts boutique that offers plenty of unusual and one-of-a-kind handmade products made by Marja-Liisa Ala-Siuru-Aaltonen.
In the boutique you can find embroidered knits, rugs, paintings and dresses made of tablecloths. Ruukin Lintu also has a fascinating exhibition of dollhouses and miniatures. Welcome!

Opening hours:

2.11.-21.12.2023. thu-sat 12-18. Schedule a group visit: ruukin.lintu@hotmail.com

Sepäntie 2 E 1, 27500 KAUTTUA

+358 45 1311 357



Ruukin Sydän

Ruukin Sydän is a lovely café selling freshly baked sweet and savoury treats to take away or enjoy in the cosy café or outside on the patio amid beautiful scenery.

The Ironworks info point displays information about what the entire area has to offer. The idyllic meeting and celebration facilities surrounded by beautiful scenery provide a fantastic setting for unforgettable events.

  • Café
  • Stores
  • Meeting and celebration venue services
  • Ironworks info point

Opening hours:

Updating the april 2024.

Sepäntie 4, 27500 Kauttua

+358 503288391



Ruukki-Invest Oy

Leasing of the Terassitalo building and Sepäntie properties.

Large and small properties available to let. For more information, please contact: Ruukki-Invest Oy/ Juha Pertola

Opening hours:

Subject to agreement


+358 500 123 406


0500 123 406


Artist Ilona Auramaa’s atelier is located in the Alvar Aalto´s Terassitalo. In addition to colourful paintings, she also sells unique earrings, ceramics, and cards. She welcomes visitors to her atelier to shop or simply to spend a moment relaxing among the art.

Opening hours:

Sat 11.00am-5.00pm. During the summer season 10.6.-27.8 Tues-Sun 11.00am-5.00pm. (closed at Midsummer). At other time subject to agreement.

Alvar Allontie 4 asunto 5, 27500 Kauttua

+358 45 6132646



Työhuone 925

A small jeweller’s workshop in the old Ahlström stone barn, housing a smith’s workshop, shop, and gallery. The workshop produces small pieces of jewellery, primarily from silver. Individual and unique jewelry is custom made and for exhibitions. Jewellery is for sale in watch and gold shop Helmikulma in the center of Eura and in the shop of prehistoric guide center Naurava Lohikäärme. See also web shop: https://tyohuone925.fi/kauppa/

Jeweller Annaleena Soini’s workspace is approximately one kilometre from the center of Ironworks. The same building is also a home to the Flea Market Avara.

Opening hours:

Tehtaantie 35 27500 Kauttua

+358 50 5863885



The Visitor Center

The Visitor Centre is a meeting place for all residents and tourists in Kauttua. The exhibition presents the history of Kauttua from the birth of the village to the present day. The main focus of the exhibition is in the industrial history, nature and community of Ruukinpuisto from 1689 to the present. Kauttua has preserved the unique atmosphere of a small village and still has just under 3000 permanent residents. As in many old villages, Kauttua has several people, families and legends that are significant to the community and have been brought to the fore in the exhibition.

Opening hours:

Check the current opening hours from Visitor Center's website

Timmintie 20 b

+358 44 4224827



Villa Majatalot

Villa Majatalot offers accommodation services all year round. There is a popular family room and several double rooms. Bicycles and a rowing boat are also available to hire. Tel. +358 (0)40 543 8636 or +358 (0)40 543 7253

Opening hours:

Subject to agreement

Falckintie 1 27500 Kauttua

+358 40 543 8636